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Neck Pain Relief Contour Pillow

Neck Pain Relief Contour Pillow

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This Neck Pain Relief Contour Pillow features an ergonomic design to help alleviate neck pain while supporting the natural contours of your neck and head. The pillow is designed to help provide extra support and comfort for a more restful sleep.

 Its contoured shape is designed to ergonomically support your neck, helping you to find a comfortable position to reduce discomfort and get restful sleep. With its therapeutic design, this pillow will give your neck the relief it needs.

Supports - your head and neck, reducing stiffness, tension, and discomfort overnight. You’ll sleep better as a result.

Promotes - neutral spine alignment, improving your posture and compensating for slouching or sitting at a desk all day.

Supremely - comfortable and works wonders for back and side sleepers of all ages (13+)

Helps to promote neutral spine alignment and counteract the effects of slouching, gradually improving your posture.

Relaxes muscles and opens up your airways, reducing snoring and helping you breathe more easily and healthily.

Prevents your spine from curling into an unhealthy position and keeps your blood flow balanced so you don’t wake up with numbness.




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